Together with refugees from Ukraine

The action strengthened the operational capabilities of NGO Ophelia to provide immediate and medium-term assistance to refugees fleeing Ukraine.

The funds were used to address the negative psychosocial impact of displacement on both refugees and the host community in Moldova, as well as fostering the social re/integration of refugee children.

To achieve the goal of the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Equipping the Sports School in Cahul with sports inventory for the organization of competitions for children.
  • Organization of 6 “JOYFUL STARTS” – the purpose of these activities was the integration and adaptation of refugee children from the placement centers in Cahul district, encouraging their communication and social interaction, as well as encouraging and promoting the practice of sports among children, educating the younger generation in the spirit of a healthy way of life and the development of the competitive spirit.

The children from the municipality of Cahul and the refugee children from Ukraine showed speed, team spirit, a lot of good cheer and friendship during the “Joyful Starts without Borders” activities.

The activities were organized by the Associations Ophelia and Perspectiva within the project “Along with refugees from Ukraine” financed by the People in Need Association as a response to the refugee crisis.