About us

Ophelia is a non-governmental organization active since February 2022 in the field of combating and preventing violence against women and children and promoting gender equality.
The mission of the organisation is to contribute to a safe life without violence for women and children.
Our vision is to build a society that is sensitive to issues affecting women and children, a safe society without violence, where the rights and needs of women and children are respected and that provides equal opportunities to all people.We focus our activity on the following objectives:
  • Carrying out initiatives to increase awareness and improve citizens’ knowledge in the field of domestic violence, as well as the support offered to victims of domestic violence regarding their rehabilitation and social inclusion;
  • The economic, social and educational empowerment of women to ensure access to equal opportunities in all spheres of public and private life and a decent living;
  • Supporting victims of domestic violence, socially vulnerable families, young people and children regarding inclusion in the educational process, the field of work, etc.;
  • Promotion of the principles of gender equality and equity, preventing and combating cases of discrimination, sexual harassment and gender-based violence;
  • Contribution to improving legislation in the field of preventing and combating violence against women and children.
Our values