Together for the harmonious development of children – guests from Ukraine

This initiative was developed following an assessment and discussion with refugees in the municipality of Cahul regarding their confrontations that require immediate solutions.

The refugees from Ukraine in the municipality of Cahul are people with low incomes and little possibility to ensure a comfortable everyday life. With the approach of the cold season, there is an acute need to find different solutions for the preparation of the incoming period of the year, namely the procurement of winter clothes and footwear for children.

Walks in the open air are indicated for children every day for harmonious physical and emotional development, therefore providing children with winter clothes and shoes is an urgent necessity that cannot be provided by mothers, but neither the Information Center for refugees in Cahul has the necessary donations to provide children with winter clothing and footwear in the right sizes.

As part of the project, vouchers were procured from a local economic agent who had the entire range of products that would be needed. The vouchers were distributed to refugee mothers and children from the placement centers in the municipality of Cahul.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Center for Training, Assistance, Counseling and Education from Moldova