Psichological violence in Republic of Moldova

Through a research grant offered by the Community Relations Association, Romania, NGO Ophelia contributed to the conduct of a qualitative research based on document analysis and repeated focus group to define the context of psychological violence in the Republic of Moldova.

The research is part of a regional research context that also includes organizations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova and which aims to help to better understand the forms of psychological violence, the pressures on victims and the legislative framework that refers to psychological violence.

The research objective:

The general objective of the research is to examine the needs of survivors and the limits that exist at the systemic level, as well as the ability to bring new information that can inform a strategy for the development of services, legislation, policy and change in social norms that create a safe climate for women and children.

The specific objectives of the research include:

  • Mapping the forms of psychological violence and how they differ from other forms of violence
  • Cercetarea răspunsului instituțional și ne-instituțional la violența psihologică
  • Researching the institutional and non-institutional response to psychological violence
  • Assessing the capacity and approach of NGOs to respond effectively to the problems of psychological violence faced by women victims.

Action is financed by the Community Relations Association, Romania