Providing a better childhood

The activities implemented within the project responded to the immediate needs of psycho-social support for refugee children/women and girls from Ukraine.

The project aimed to promote valuable social and educational resources in reducing the psycho-social impact on refugee children/women and girls from Ukraine, and victims of domestic violence caused by displacement.

One of the proposed measures was the setting up and furnishing of a child-friendly space like a Playroom at the Cahul Maternity Center. The space was equipped with pieces of furniture, carpet, laptop, books, supplies and teaching materials for all ages, toys, board, interactive and logic games. Interactive and participative games for the organization of free time will allow the exploitation of the creative potential and playful mood, as well as the integration and general well-being, of both children and adults from the municipality of Cahul and from Ukraine.

Interactive, socializing and entertainment activities were conducted. On Easter, an egg-dying workshop was held for mothers and children placed in the Cahul Maternity Center. During the activity, we told about our traditions related to the Easter holidays, and we listened with great love to the traditions from Ukraine. Meanwhile, children with the help of their mothers made bunnies and Easter eggs.

To mark childhood in the most pleasant way, on International Children’s Day, children had moments full of color, play and lots of fun. For more charm and a bigger dose of fun, animators and characters were invited to make the little heroes happy.

The activity was carried out within the project “Together for a more colorful and safe childhood” implemented with the support of Terre des hommes Moldova within the project “Zero tolerance towards family violence in Cahul and Ungheni regions”, part of the EVA project “Promoting equality of gender in Cahul and Ungheni districts”, financed by the European Union and implemented by UN Women”.