Organizational capacity development grant

This grant is offered as support within the grant program launched by the National Coalition “Life without violence”. Its purpose is the development of the feminist movement in Republic of Moldova by empowering women’s organizations, activists and communities, which work in the field of promoting and defending women’s rights and/or implementing initiatives that contribute to improving the lives of girls and women in the Republic of Moldova.

The initiative will contribute to the development of the association in becoming more responsible and credible towards beneficiaries, donors, staff and members, as a result it will be better prepared to provide quality services to victims of domestic violence and the population affected by the war in Ukraine.

The actions implemented within the project will allow organizational development, planning and implementation of transformational measures that will improve our ability to manage existing challenges and have the necessary to support girls and women victims of gender-based violence and domestic violence.

This project is financed within the Small Grants Competition for activists, women leaders and women-led initiative groups, with the financial support of the National Coalition “Life without Violence”.