Empowering women for a better social inclusion

The NGO Ophelia’ team pays special attention to supporting women.

Once the refugee crisis in Ukraine started, all local actors have mobilized their resources and united their efforts to face the challenges and respond effectively to this crisis.

If initially the focus was on the basic needs of refugees, which were covered by LPAs of level I and II, civil society organizations, economic agents and citizens, later the need for social integration into the community of refugees from Ukraine was identified, who are forced to stay here in the medium, long or indefinite term.

The initiative was focused on empowering refugee women and victims of domestic violence in the Cahul community, by developing their social, economic and educational skills, and engaging local decision-makers to build a more inclusive community.

NGO Ophelia supported refugee women from Ukraine by offering the possibility to benefit from the Life School for Women, Life School by Ludmila Noni. During the course, the women learned about personal branding, promotion through social networks, communication, hand made, benefited from psychological counseling, all of which contribute to the inner and outer transformation to a confident woman!

It’s beautiful when there is wisdom, not emptiness, in the soul and mind of a girl/woman. Books make us more beautiful and attractive, that’s why every month refugee women and women from Cahul met at the Book Club. During these meetings, the women from Cahul and the refugees from Ukraine, together took a step forward on the road to self-knowledge, they rediscovered new things about themselves.

Also thanks to the project, NGO Ophelia donated a batch of books about women and for women to the Club.

The initiative is implemented by the Non-Governmetal Association Ophelia within the project “Building peace through the resilience of women, organizations and communities”, of which we are the beneficiary, implemented by the Women’s Law Center in partnership with the National Coalition “Life without Violence” , supported by UN Women and funded by the Women’s Fund for Peace and Humanitarian Assistance.